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From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love is the second spy film in the James Bond series, and the second to star Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. The film was produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, and directed by Terence Young. It is based on the 1957 novel of the same name by Ian Fleming. In the film, James Bond is sent to assist in the defection of Corporal Tatiana Romanova in Turkey, where SPECTRE plans to avenge the killing of Dr. No.

From Russia with Love is the second spy film in the James Bond series, and the second to star Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. The film was produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, and directed by Terence Young. It is based on the 1957 novel of the same name by Ian Fleming. In the film, James Bond is sent to assist in the defection of Corporal Tatiana Romanova in Turkey, where SPECTRE plans to avenge the killing of Dr. No.

In a mansion garden late at night, James Bond is alternately stalking and being stalked by a tall, blond assassin. Bond is captured and strangled violently to death by the man named Red Grant, using a garrote wire hidden in a watch. Suddenly, huge floodlights switch on and the dead person turns out to be a man wearing Bond's disguise. This completes SPECTRE's training exercise.

Kronsteen, a chess grandmaster, and SPECTRE's expert planner, has devised a plot to steal a Lektor cryptographic device from the Soviets, sell it back to them, and also punish MI6 (the British Secret Service) for killing their agent Dr. No. Ex-SMERSH operative Rosa Klebb is put in charge of the mission by the megalomaniac Blofeld. She has already chosen a female pawn: Tatiana Romanova, a cypher clerk at the Soviet consulate in Istanbul. Klebb departs to SPECTRE Island, the organisation's secret training base, and approves Red Grant as an assassin.

In London, M tells Bond that Romanova has contacted their "Station 'T'" in Turkey, offering to defect with a Lektor, which MI6 and the CIA have been after for years. She has said that she will only defect to Bond, whose photo she has allegedly found in a Soviet intelligence file. In fact she is following orders from Klebb, who pretends she is still working for SMERSH and that this is a SMERSH deception.

Bond flies to Istanbul to meet station head Ali Kerim Bey. He is followed from the airport by an unkempt man in glasses and by Red Grant.

The next day, after Kerim Bey's office is bombed, Bond and Kerim Bey spy on the Soviet consulate using a periscope from an underground tunnel beneath the consulate. Seeing rival agent Krilencu, Kerim Bey takes Bond to a rural gypsy settlement, where Kerim Bey plans to lie low while deciding how to deal with Krilencu. However the camp is attacked by Krilencu's men. Grant, lurking nearby, shoots a man who is about to kill Bond. Although he is wounded in the attack, Kerim Bey kills Krilencu the next night with Bond's sniper rifle. When Bond returns to his hotel suite, he finds Romanova in bed waiting for him. Bond and Romanova make love, unaware that they are being filmed by Grant and Klebb.

The next day, Romanova heads off for a pre-arranged rendezvous at Hagia Sophia. Bond follows her and stalks the bespectacled man who had followed him at the airport. But unknown to Bond, the man is killed by Grant. When Bond finds the body, he also finds the floor plans for the Soviet consulate that Tatiana was smuggling out for him. Kerim Bey and Bond set up a plan to steal the Lektor and smuggle it back to Britain. On the appointed day, Bond enters the consulate lobby. Kerim Bey then sets off an explosion under the building, releasing tear gas. In the resulting chaos, Bond finds Romanova and escapes with the Lektor on the Orient Express. Kerim Bey and a Soviet security officer named Benz, who recognises Romanova, also board the train, but Grant stealthily kills both of them, making it seem as if they killed each other.

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*Gadgest :
1.Q Branch Briefcase
3.MI6 Beeper
4.Armalite AR-7 rifle
5.AR-7 .22 survival rifle w/ infrared telescope
6.50 Gold Sovereigns
7.Tear Gas Cartridge
8.Ammunition for Rifle
9.Throwing Knife

*Release Date : October 10, 1963

*Running time : 1 hour,59 minutes



Dr. No is the first spy film in the James Bond series, and the first to star Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.The film was directed by Terence Young, and produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli,a partnership that would continue until 1975.

*Release Date : October 5, 1962

*Running Time: 1 hour, 51 minutes

*gadgets :
1.bookcase transmitter
2.geiger counter
3.cyanide cigarette
4.Self-destructor bag
5.Rolex Submariner on crocodile strap.

Sean Connery as James Bond: an MI6 agent.

Joseph Wiseman as Dr. Julius No: A reclusive member of SPECTRE, he is using the island of Crab Key and his brilliance in the field of atomic energy to get revenge on the Western world by disrupting American rocket launches at the nearby Cape Canaveral.

Bernard Lee as M: The strict head of British Secret Service. He sends Bond to Kingston to investigate the disappearances of John Strangways and his secretary. This was the first of eleven appearances by Lee in the role throughout the official EON Productions series.

Anthony Dawson as Professor R. J. Dent: A metallurgist in Kingston, he is a henchman of Dr. No's who is sent to kill Bond before he can learn more of Strangway's disappearance.

Zena Marshall as Miss Taro: The secretary to Mr. Pleydell-Smith at Government House in Kingston secretly working for Dr. No.

John Kitzmiller as Quarrel: A local islander who was employed by John Strangways to secretly go to Crab Key to collect rock samples. Quarrel later helps Bond trespass onto Crab Key as well.

Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench: Trench first meets Bond from across a Chemin de Fer table at the London club Le Cercle. Later she becomes his girlfriend, reappearing in From Russia with Love; the only cinematic Bond girl appearing more than once.

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny: The secretary to M. This is Maxwell's first of fourteen appearances in the role.

Peter Burton as Major Boothroyd (Q):[1] The head of Q-Branch, Boothroyd is brought in by M to replace Bond's Beretta with a Walther PPK. (See also List of James Bond gadgets)

Timothy Moxon as John Strangways (voiced by Robert Rietty): Strangways is the head of the Kingston station for the British Secret Service. He is murdered by Dr. No's henchmen, prompting SIS to send Bond.

Marguerite LeWars as Dr. No's photographer "Freelance": One of Dr. No's operatives who trails B

*Synopsis :

Dr. No is the first spy film in the James Bond series, and the first to star Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.The film was directed by Terence Young, and produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli,a partnership that would continue until 1975.

In the film, james bond is sent to jamaika to investigate what is
causing interference with American space launches on the island of Crab Key. Bond and adventuress Honey Ryder find the answer to the mystery and come face to face with the diabolical dr.no

On arriving at the airport in Jamaica, Bond is greeted by Mr. Jones, who claims to be a chauffeur sent to drive him to Government House. Bond phones to check this and finds it to be a lie, but returns to the car, being snapped on the way by an unidentified female photographer. On the journey, they are tailed by an unidentified vehicle and thinking it is a decoy, Bond orders Jones to pull into a side road to lose their pursuers. He threatens Jones with a gun, but before he can interrogate him, Jones commits suicide by biting into a cigarette laced with cyanide.

Through Pleydell-Smith, the Governor of Jamaica, and General Potter, who regularly played cards with Strangways, Bond learns that Strangways had hired a man named Quarrel to guide him while fishing. Bond visits Quarrel, but finds him to be uncooperative at first. He follows him to Puss Feller's beach bar, where Quarrel agrees to talk to him in private, but it is an ambush and he is attacked by Quarrel and Puss Fella. He manages to overpower them, only to find a man standing behind him with a gun. Inspecting Bond's own gun, the man realises that it is a model used by the British Secret Service and identifies himself as Felix Leiter of the CIA. He confirms that both he and Quarrel had been in the car that tailed Bond from the airport and that having seen him get into a car with a known enemy, they were unsure of his allegiance. Now convinced of Bond's identity, he tells Bond that he is working on the same investigation for the CIA and so they decide to join forces. Later that evening, they are sat discussing their theories in the bar, when Bond is again snapped by the unknown photographer from the airport. Quarrel restrains her so she can be questioned, but despite Quarrel nearly breaking her arm, she refuses to talk and they let her go after Bond pulls the film from her camera. Realizing that enemy spies have been following him since he arrived, Bond questions who could make them so scared that they are unwilling to talk.

When investigating Strangways' home, Bond finds a receipt from a local metallurgist named Professor R. J. Dent who helped Strangways by identifying rock samples from a nearby island called Crab Key. Dent claims the rocks are ordinary iron pyrites, but Bond quickly identifies the rocks to be radioactive using a Geiger counter sent by his government. He also discovers that Crab Key is feared by the locals and that nobody dares go near it. Dent is revealed as a henchman of the enemy Dr. Julius No, the resident of Crab Key, who orders him to kill Bond.

Following an unsuccessful attempt to kill Bond by releasing a deadly tarantula in Bond's bungalow, Dent orders the Governor's secretary, Miss Taro to invite Bond to her home in the mountains. She is also a spy of Dr. No's, however Bond is already suspicious of her, having caught her eavesdropping on a meeting between himself and the Governor, when she also claimed that government files on Dr. No and Crab Key had disappeared. His suspicions are realised when he is involved in a car chase with a black hearse en route to her home. The driver, along with the Three Blind Mice, tries to kill Bond by forcing him off the road, but Bond outwits them and the hearse crashes over a cliff and explodes. Arriving at Miss Taro's house, she is shocked to see that he is still alive, but she quickly recovers and whilst Bond is preoccupied, makes a discreet phone call to Professor Dent. Guessing that Dent will soon arrive, Bond suggests taking Miss Taro to dinner and appears to phone for a taxi, but when the car arrives, she is taken away by the police and Bond returns to the house to wait for Dent to arrive. Bond questions him and Dent admits that Strangways had been murdered, but when Bond asks who they are all working for, Dent refuses to say any more, so Bond shoots him.

Bond and Quarrel set sail to Crab Key where they meet Honey Ryder, a beautiful seashell collector. After gaining her trust, Bond discovers that her father was murdered by Dr. No and she begs Bond to avenge his death, but warns him of a dragon that supposedly guards the island. Soon after, they are chased by several armed men and forced to flee into the forest. Being pursued till dusk, Quarrel is burned alive by the dragon, which turns out to be a painted tank fitted with flame throwers. Bond and Honey are captured and taken to Dr. No's lair, where they are put through a radiation decontamination unit, then imprisoned in a luxury guest suite where they sleep after drinking drugged coffee. Waking up, Bond and Honey are invited to dinner with Dr. No.

Arriving for dinner, Bond is intrigued by a large glass wall through which sea fish can be seen hugely magnified and realises that the lair must be deep underwater. Dr. No appears and proudly announces that he designed the 'aquarium' himself, before inviting them to join him at the table. During the meal it is revealed that Dr. No lost his hands in a radiation accident and consequently uses two powerful prosthetic replacements. He also informs Bond of his involvement with an international terrorist group called SPECTRE, for whom he has come to Crab Key to disrupt American rocket launches at the nearby Cape Canaveral. He admits to being impressed that Bond has consistently managed to outwit his attempts to have him assassinated and offers him the opportunity to become a member of SPECTRE, but Bond antagonises him and losing patience, Dr. No orders the guards to torture him and lock him up until he can be properly interrogated.

Having angered Dr. No, Bond is imprisoned in a cell, but escapes through an air vent. He soon finds himself in Dr. No's control room and, disguised as one of his men, he overloads the nuclear reactor that powers the complex, just as the American space craft is about to take off. A hand-to-hand fight ensues between Bond and Dr. No on a descending platform in the heart of the reactor. Bond manages to push Dr. No into the lift that collapses into the reactor's cooling vat and despite trying to save himself, Dr. No is unable to get a grip with his prosthetic hands and disappears under the water. As the whole of Dr. No's complex is in chaos with a full scale evacuation taking place, Bond searches for Honey. He finds her chained to the floor of a loading bay which is flooding with water and manages to release her. They escape in a boat, just as the entire lair explodes.

Bond and Honey float on open water in the boat, which has run out of fuel. Felix Leiter arrives on an American Navy ship and they are thrown a rope to be towed to safety. Bond lets go of the tow rope, setting them adrift once again. He passionately kisses Honey, before they disappear into the depths of the boat.

Dr. No's success, as the first major film adaptation of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, led to a series of films that continues to this day. Dr. No also launched a successful genre of "secret agent" films that flourished in the 1960s. It does not show Bond earning his double-0 status which grants him a licence to kill; instead it presents Bond as a seasoned veteran. Many of the iconic aspects of a typical James Bond film were established in Dr. No, beginning with what is known as the gun barrel sequence, an introduction to the character through the view of a gun barrel, and a highly stylized main title sequence, both created by Maurice Binder. In his work on film, production designer Ken Adam established a unique and expansive visual style that is the hallmark of the Bond film series.
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James Bond Movie

In 1953 ian fleaming created fictional caracter novel James Bond 007.james bond characters has a handsome face,dressed neatly,and always surrounded by pretty women.james bond always using the hight tegnology equipment.he is a secret agent for the United Kingdom.James Bond has a lot of support to help him.Officials of the British Secret Service is usually known by the letters, for example, M and Q.James Bond adventure has also been adaptated to the movies.There have been 22 films in the EON Productions series to date.
This is a list of James Bond actor

A.Sean Connery (6 movie dan 1 movie not official, Never Say Never Again)
B.George Lazenby (1 movie)
C.Roger Moore (7 movie)
D.Timothy Dalton (2 movie)
E.Pierce Brosnan (4 movie)
F.Daniel Craig (1 movie, and the last movie Quantum of Solace)

list of james bond movies and actors of james bond movies
A.Sean Connery act as Bond in seven films:
1.Dr. No (1962)
2.Russia with Love (1963)
3.Goldfinger (l964)
4.Thunderball (1965)
5.You Only Live Twice (1967)
6.Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
7.never Say Never Again ( 1983).
Diamonds Are Forever is the best movie performed by sean connery

B.George Lazenby act as bond just only 1 films:
1.On Her Majesty’s Secret Service(1969)

C.Roger Moore act as bond in seven films:
1.Live and Let Die (1973)
2.The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)
3.The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
4.Moonraker (1979)
5.For Your Eyes Only (1981),
6.Octopussy (1983)
7.a view to kill(1985)
many people said The Spy Who Loved is the best movie performed by roger more

D.Timothy Dalton act as bond in two films:
1.The Living Daylights (1987)
2.Licence to Kill (1989)

E.pierce brosnan act as bond in four films:
1.GoldenEye (1995)
2.Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
3.The World is Not Enough (1999)
4.Die Another Day (2002)

F.Daniel Craig act as bond in 2 films:
1.Casino Royale (2006)
2.Quantum of Solace (2008)

above is a list of all the James Bond movie